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Sol Naciente
Scotch, sake, soy, shiitake and sesame.

Sazerac 1912
Aged rum, young brandy, cremat and anise.

Apple Masala
Blended Scotch, Calvados, spiced apple and lemon.

Copper Fizz
Gin, lavender, grapefruit and egg white.

Dry Mediterranean
Gin, lemon thyme, olives, vermouth.

Cuate Martinez
Mezcal, vermouth, sherry.

Vodka, chocolate, passion fruit, tonka and lemon.

Horsing Around
Scotch, bitter, citrus and ginger ale.

Tequila, chipotle, cucumber, ginger and lime.

New Cuban
White rum, mint, lime, cava and bitter.

Chicha Rum
Aged rum, purple chicha.

Elderflower G&T
Grapefruit gin, elderflower liqueur, tonic water, angostura.

House kombucha

Chicha Sour
Chicha, lime, egg white.

El Dorado
Pineapple, ginger, cucumber and lemon.

La Santa María
Citrus and spiced. Passion fruit, spiced syrup, orange and soda top.

La Pinta
Refreshing and spicy. Apple, lemon, sugar, mint and ginger beer.

La Niña
Sweet and spiced. Bitter orange marmalade, Chai tea, sugar and lemon.

Confiteria Combo
Chips, olives, anchovies, anchovies and piparra.

Our chips
Fat potato chips with our special sauce.

Olives YeYe
Spiced olives with oil, savory and oregano

Cantabrian anchovies 00 (four files)

Anchovy fillets in vinegar (six fillets)

Artisan cheeses
Assortment of artisan cheeses

Russian salad
The queen of tapas

Salmon dice
Marinated with soy and honey vinaigrette.